From the Backlog: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Atlas Genius and Night Riots – Silver Spring, MD – April 14, 2017

Who: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, Atlas Genius and Night Riots 
Zombies in America Tour
When: April 14, 2017
The Fillmore Silver Spring – Silver Spring, MD

Show Notes
It’s been a busy month since this show, so consider this post a “Throwback Tuesday”…I don’t think that’s an actual internet thing, but roll with it.

I was supposed to see Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness last year, but I had to skip out for work reasons–so I was glad to see him return to the DMV area this spring with his Zombies in America tour. It featured music from his new album Zombies on Broadway (iTunes / Spotify / Artist Site) as well as a lot of old favorites, including a few from the Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin days. He put on a hugely energetic show despite being tied to the piano for a good percentage of the set, and it was one of those crowds where everyone knows all of the words. Throw in a Springsteen cover (“I’m On Fire”), and you just can’t go wrong. (I mean, you definitely could, but Andrew McMahon did it justice in the ears of this former resident of “Highway 9.”)

Atlas Genius were the midliners, hailing all the way from Adelaide. The pulled the crowd in with a cover of Dead or Alive‘s ubiquitous ’80s hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” and succeeded at keeping the energy up among the sold-out crowd prior to the main event. As an observer, I love it when the crowd fills in early–I’ve seen many great opening acts and it always bums me out a bit when people stare at their phones or don’t show up until the headliner starts. This was not the case for Atlas Genius’ set (or Night Riots’ opening timeslot, for that matter), and rightfully so–their brand of alt-rock was catchy and danceable and proved to be a great warmup for the constant energy of Andrew McMahon’s set. Their latest album, Inanimate Objects (iTunes / Spotify / Artist Site), was released in 2015.

Night Riots started off the evening with a set that could be accurately reflected by their choice of a cover song: U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday.”  Like the song, their set sounded upbeat while still incorporating darker themes and undercurrents. The band had a great stage presence, which surely accounted for the energy of the crowd this early in the show. Their set included several songs from their newest album, Love Gloom (iTunes / Spotify / Artist Site), released late last year. Check it out if you like indie rock with a pop/’80s/alt vibe.

Enjoy the photo sets (separated by band) below!

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Atlas Genius

Night Riots

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