From the Backlog: David Cook in Atlanta, GA – Terminal West

From the Backlog: David Cook in Atlanta, GA – Terminal West

Who: David Cook
Digital Vein Tour
When: February 24, 2016
Terminal West – Atlanta, GA

Show Notes
This is another set from my entirely too huge backlog of photos from David Cook‘s Digital Vein Tour, in support of his newest album, Digital Vein (iTunes / Spotify / PledgeMusic). This one is from this past February. Terminal West is a renovated iron and steel foundry-turned-music venue in an arts complex–I love when the venues themselves are visually interesting.

This was my first trip to Atlanta, and I loved it for the short time I was there–I’m looking forward to returning for a weekend in August (who books a trip to Atlanta in August?! Me, apparently…) and hopefully again in October! (If you’re reading this and you’re in the Atlanta area, you should definitely go see David Cook with he returns to Atlanta to play at the brand new City Winery on October 4 (tickets / VIP)…just saying. It’s a good idea. Trust.)

Fun fact: if you’re reading this blog at this early juncture, chances are you probably know that some of my other projects include making lyric videos, including this one for David Cook’s most recent single, “Broken Windows” (iTunes / Spotify). Most of the footage for the video was shot at the same show as these photos (additional clips were from the Boston tour stop.) The more you know! 😉

As usual, please do not re-upload or edit the photos, but feel free to share using the links on this site–thank you for your cooperation! 🙂

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