Kris Allen, Sean McConnell and Tyler Woolf at The Hamilton

Kris Allen, Sean McConnell and Tyler Woolf at The Hamilton

Who: Kris Allen, Sean McConnell and Tyler Woolf
Letting You In Tour
When: June 8, 2016
The Hamilton – Washington, D.C.

Show Notes
Kris Allen has put on a fun, engaging show each of the handful of times I’ve seen him over the past seven or so years, so I wasn’t about to pass up this show at one of D.C.’s best venues (and–bonus!–it’s only a couple blocks away from my new office building). He’s fresh off the release of his newest album, Letting You In (iTunes / Spotify / Artist Store) and a good portion of his set consisted of the super hooky tracks that make up that record. Seriously, listen to Love Will Find You and tell me you’re not already humming along with the chorus on the second go-round. I was glad to see that oldie-but-goodie Monster also made it back into the setlist–it’s a real showcase for Kris’ talented band, and I loved the clever mash-up with Hall & Oates‘ Maneater.”

I was also excited to find out that Sean McConnell was on the bill–I saw him last year at U Street Music Hall opening for Green River Ordinance and his impressive vocal range caught my attention. It was on display again in his opening set for Kris, and I’m looking forward to checking out his new eponymous album when it’s released on July 8. The two pre-release tracks, Holy Days and Queen of St. Mary’s Choir,” have been stuck in my head at various points over the course of this month and deserve a place on any alt-country-rock-hybrid-etc. playlist you may have. Hey, I’m not one for boxing people into genres. If those two songs are any indication, his new record should be a great blend of storytelling and earworms.

The bill also included local singer-songwriter Tyler Woolfwho started off the evening with an enjoyably mellow solo acoustic set. I’m thinking Dave Matthews vibe, without the jam band aspect.

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