A New Project – Introducing Liv Louder

For me, concert photography is like a game.

Unlike many other more controlled branches of photography, when you’re at a show, you have to work with almost exactly what you’re given–and what you’re given is the often-frantic state of flux made up of unpredictable, shifting subjects, challenging lighting puppeteered by someone in a dark booth at the back of the room, crowds of people surrounding you, and a whole lot of sensory distractions. You can’t direct what’s happening in front of you, the vast majority of the time at least. You’re trying to catch lightning in a bottle by seeking to make a visual replica of an experience that can’t ever truly be replicated. It’s a futile mission, but it’s still fun to try, and you can make some pretty awesome images in the process.

It’s a game of chance, strategy and action all at once.

I love playing that game, and I’d like to get some more wins under my belt–hence, this venture.Continue Reading